How DIS supports those on the pathway to becoming elite athletes

December 22, 2021

If you follow us on social media, you will often see us posting about ‘former DIS athletes’, or ‘DIS alumni’.

So, we thought it might be helpful for us to explain where DIS sits on the pathway people take to becoming elite athletes.

Chloe Maudsley explained: “DIS was founded as a legacy project after the 2012 home Olympics. We saw a gap in support for promising young athletes. Our mission was to create a one-stop shop of practical services – such as strength and conditioning, nutrition, physiotherapy and psychological support - along with mentoring and advice. We wanted to see more local athletes becoming champions.”

DIS has proved to be a vital stepping stone to success. Chloe added: “We deliver holistic support from a handpicked team of experienced and world-class practitioners including former elite athletes. I love the fact that we can supplement and complement the help young athletes may already be receiving from their own sports clubs, coaches, schools and colleges.

“It’s thrilling for us when our athletes achieve so much success that they are invited to join the world class performance programme run by their sport’s national governing body. This means that they receive all the support they need from them and is why many become ‘former’ DIS athletes. We’re always delighted to share their achievements, such as during the summer of 2021 when ten former DIS athletes competed in the Olympics and Paralympics.”

Of course, not everyone who joins the DIS programme becomes an elite athlete. Chloe said: “Some want to be the best they can be at city or county level but don’t aspire to become professional sports stars. Others may choose another career and keep their sport as a much-loved hobby. We are here to help all those people achieve their ambitions at any level and help them stay fit, healthy and happy.”

DIS athletes also move on if they turn professional. Chief examples of this are the Team HUUB Wattbike cyclists.

If you want to find out more about how DIS could help you, or young athletes that are your relatives or friends, do complete the form below.

We are able to work with individual athletes and team players and you no longer have to live or study in Derbyshire to join the DIS family. We even offer virtual support for those who cannot travel in to our home at Derby Arena.

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