BLOG: Hope Warner

September 16, 2019

We caught up with the super talented Hope Warner to discuss four important elements of her career that make her the athlete that she is today:

Handling Pressure?

I think the key to dealing with pressure is to trust and remind yourself that if you have done everything you can, and you put all your efforts into your performances then it is simply down to how it goes on the day. I think pressure is formed by the idea that people will think badly of you if you lose or don't do as well as expected, so if you can find a way to disregard other people's opinions and focus on yourself, then you will have a much better chance of dealing with it. I heard a quote once that goes like this: "Don't fear the pressure, play with it." I think this explains pressure very well and that you can deal with pressure in many different ways. I think that as long as you believe in your own ability and you are confident in what you can produce, then handling pressure becomes easier and easier.


The best thing about training is working on my improvement areas. After returning from a tournament, I'm always itching to get back on court to improve the areas that may have prevented me from advancing to the further rounds in tournaments and I know if I consistently work on them then it is only a matter of time before I see and feel the differences. The main thing in training for me, is seeing the difference after working hard because I know I am giving myself a better chance to move forward in tournaments. The worst part of training is the opposite of what I have just said. Training and not being able to see or feel improvements is difficult. At times like that, it's hard to find the motivation to keep pushing forward, even when you are seeing no improvements. You have to trust the process and push through, knowing that at some point everything will come together.


My motivation in badminton and even general life, is the belief that there is a plan for me and if I put all my efforts into the sport I love then it will pay off in the end. Of course, getting up in the early mornings at 5:45 to train is a struggle and I don't enjoy every second of every day because it is extremely tough half the time, but I have to keep my head high and remember that if I carry on pushing myself in all aspects, then one day I can make it to the top... and if it doesn't work out even though I have put all my hard work in, then it was not meant to be. This thinking has kept me going for the years I have been playing so far.

The DIS Team?

The Derbyshire Institute of Sport has given me the chance and many other athletes to achieve our dreams. With access to free gym, free physio and many more benefits, it gives people like me the opportunity that not many others would have. Not only does it assist me through my journey with a good strength and conditioning program and a brilliant physio, but it really helps in areas that people seem to forget in sport such as psychology, nutritional programs and life lessons like meeting people, assisting at sporting events and self-promotion. The DIS is incredibly helpful in every aspect of my journey. I wouldn't be where I am today without their help.

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