BLOG: Jamie Spencer-Pickup

October 14, 2019

In September 2019, Jamie won a Gold medal at the Commonwealth Judo Championships. We caught up with Jamie to find out what makes him the athlete that he is today:

How do I handle pressure?

I handle pressure by trying to take myself to a relaxed place. I get to this relaxed place, usually by putting my music on just before I fight. In addition to this, when stepping onto the mat I have a certain routine when stepping on which allows me to feel relaxed and ready.

Best and worst thing about training?

The best thing about training is executing a technique, not just in practice but when I am fighting an opponent in competition, showing first hand the development of my training.

The worst thing is a morning conditioning session, as they are very tiring. Especially if rope climbs are included.

What is my motivation?

The motivation I have comes from starting young and always thriving to improve and win. This mentality has stuck with me. In addition to this, representing my country adds a large amount of motivation.

What does DIS mean to me?

DIS is a support network, and has allowed me to enhance every part of my judo. Not just physically (via Laura Wakes strength and conditioning), but also my nutrition. My diet has changed massively allowing me to train hard and then replenish with the right foods, allowing me to maintain a high amount of energy throughout the day. Finally I have also had a lot of help with the mental side of the sport (via the help of Andy Wood), showing me how to channel my pressure and negative thoughts into positive ones.

Long term goals?

I want to break into the senior circuit and push for senior internationals. Next year my focus is on juniors, where I want to medal in the British trials then push places and medals in the European Cups next year.

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