BLOG: Bekah Walton

October 27, 2019

Bekah Walton has her eyes firmly set on participating at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. We recently asked her a few questions to try and have a better perspective of her mentality when it comes to competing and training:

Handling Pressure?

I think in most cases pressure is internal, and if I know I have tried my best and there is no way I could possibly have done more, then I don’t feel it affects me. However, I think it’s important to embrace the pressure we have on us from external factors and enjoy it! Pressure allows me to perform at my best potential and just highlights to me that I have the opportunity to compete well!

The best and worst of training?

The best thing about my training is being able to push myself very hard and to see the results of it in my competitions - it doesn’t feel like a chore when you’re doing something you love. The worst thing about my training is that I’m not able to throw javelins regularly throughout the winter as I have to focus on other aspects of my training!


I feel really motivated to achieve some of my longer term goals, and the distances I have to throw to get me there. This really pushes me to train to my maximum potential as every part of my training works towards this. However, if I’m in a session, achieving some short term goals such as lifting a heavier rep, or completing a faster sprint really encourages my competitive side to come out and this pushes me harder.

The DIS?

The DIS is an invaluable resource to me. I feel like they care about me as a person and not just as an athlete, and this really shows in the programmes they produce and the support they offer. I love being able to train with other athletes outside of my event, and learn from them as well. It’s great to know that during the hard times, I will always have the DIS to support me and help me get to the top.

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