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November 23, 2020

Announcing a NEW package of sponsorship benefits from DIS that can help boost happiness, wellness, productivity and resilience in your business.

The massive impact of COVID-19 has forced businesses, charities and organisations to make changes this year. Derbyshire Institute of Sport is no exception.

As a Community Interest Company, we have looked at how we can better support our community.  We want to do all we can to help protect and improve people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.

We are committed to our work with elite athletes, but in 2020 we have also put new services in place for people of all ages who want to be the best they can be at the sports and physical activities they love.

Our business sponsors are vital to helping us continue and expand our work. We are so grateful for their continued support. So, to give even more value back to our sponsors we have created an exclusive health and wellbeing package called Thrive. It will be available from now onwards to all our existing sponsors and any new businesses or organisations who sign up.

Managing Director of DIS, Chloe Maudsley, said:

“Businesses and sole traders who sponsor DIS will now get access to our team of experts and coaches who have supported elite athletes and professional sports stars to become world-class.”

Options available to sponsors include:

Why does workplace wellness matter?

Numerous surveys have found that a company’s culture is a crucial factor in recruiting and retaining employees. Encouraging healthy behaviours, such as boosting activity levels and lowering stress, will positively impact on how current and future employees perceive your business.

Health and wellbeing can also boost your firm’s productivity. Firstly, prioritising the health and wellbeing of your teams at work shows how much you care and will inspire loyalty. Secondly, people who enjoy the work they do are more efficient and productive. Thirdly, physical challenges and team activities, even online, help build and improve relationships in the workplace.

Head of Athlete Development at DIS, Laura Wake, who is a former Commonwealth Games athlete, said: “If your staff members are working in various locations, some from home, it’s easy to feel disconnected and isolated. Coming together online for an exercise session can build relationships and improve everyone’s mood, as well as their health, leading to a more optimistic view of life. If you have people coming back from furlough, some team activity online can help them feel part of the team again.

“We’ll run sessions that can include everyone – those who already visit gyms and others who may do little activity.”

A survey by Sport England found that during the first six weeks of lockdown, an average of 63% of respondents said exercise had been an effective way of helping them manage their mental health as well as benefitting their health overall.

A 2016 study in The Lancet found that spending eight hours a day sat at a desk increases the chance of early death from diseases such as cancer and heart disease by 60%. Regular, moderate exercise reduces that risk.

UK Government guidelines say that adults should aim for 150 minutes of exercise per week. Yet, an estimated 11 million people in England (that’s 24.6% of adults) are doing LESS than an average 30 minutes activity a week.

What will Thrive, the DIS sponsorship programme, give me and my business?

All our sponsors will now be able to access our team of experts and ask questions about strength and fitness, nutrition, mental health and stress levels and staying injury-free. It’s like having your own Olympic-standard department focused on the health and wellbeing of you and your employees.

Included in the DIS team who will support our business sponsors, alongside Chloe and Laura, are:

If you do enjoy sports and active pursuits outside work, a DIS sponsorship is a golden opportunity to tap into the shared wisdom of all our expert coaches to help you build strength and speed and stay injury-free.

Sponsors will continue to enjoy all the promotional benefits of being a DIS supporter including promotion on the DIS website and its social media channels.

How do I sign up to Thrive and become a DIS sponsor?

We have three sponsorship packages gold, silver and bronze.

Chloe said:

“There is a level of investment for businesses of all sizes with the benefits increasing at each level so that you can get real returns for your business when you invest in DIS and our athletes. You can call me to discuss what you want to achieve, or you can sign up online here."

Physical activity expert, Professor Greg Whyte, has spoken about the fear within some businesses that giving employees time to be active, or do other things to support their wellbeing, means they are working for less time and are therefore less productive. However, the reverse has been found to be true.

“There are HUGE benefits to be gained through turbo-charging your workplace culture and practices so that team members are enabled and empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices and be more active. It will result in a happier, healthier, more productive workforce and give your business the best chance of thriving.”

Chloe and the team can be contacted on or by calling 07974 231564.


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